GameDevHQ — Day 23 — NovaStar Dev Diary: It’s All Coming Together


Today our team continued our development of our team project however the report today will be a bit on the light side for programming detail. The reason being that today was primarily a logistics and organization day where we convened to go over the separate parts each of us built and then took the time to merge our work together to form a new baseline build that we can continue to build off of.

Where we left off on Friday I had completed the charge laser weapon and implemented the weapons into the system Mar had developed. Today our first meeting was mainly focused on ensuring the parts that Mar and I developed were cleaned up and ready to be pushed to the dev build. Before cleaning out any temporary scripts that were made for testing a backup branch was made just in case we needed to refer to those scripts or something goes wrong with the merge we have an older version we can easily refer back to. Once the temporary scripts were cleaned up we also did some light reorganizing of the scripts and prefabs to place them into categorical folders for easy navigation as the amount of assets we were using is starting to get much higher. Once the build is finalized as acceptable for merging any changes that were made were pushed to the remote repository and then pushed to the main upstream repository where our primary build of the project is being managed.

The next step was ensuring that the primary build repository was working properly and all of the pull requests went through properly. After that checked out we then planned our next step which was to develop the enemy waves and how to implement the enemy types. A few of use are switching over to developing the enemies that the player will face and try to come up with some easy to implement concepts that add some enjoyable variety to the gameplay. We are looking for some simplicity to the implementation so that we can meet our deadline by Wednesday. The goal is to meet our minimum viable product requirements by the initial deadline and then develop more advanced mechanics once we have those parts fully nailed down. There are a few mechanics I would like to try and add down the line such as an enemy type that makes use of the charge laser attack type to act as an area denial enemy type against the player. In the meantime we will be continuing our development tomorrow with more hands on programming work to meet our next SPRINT goal hopefully by the end of the day. While this was one of more quick posts of this series of post so far I hope that tomorrow will have more to report on. Until then, mahalo for reading and aloha!

— Kurt




An aspiring game-dev from Hawai’i. Previous experience has been in programming and animation work. Blogging my progress through personal projects and research.

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Kurt Noe

Kurt Noe

An aspiring game-dev from Hawai’i. Previous experience has been in programming and animation work. Blogging my progress through personal projects and research.

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